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Canvass: to talk to people in the area about what they think of a candidate, project, or idea with the intention of gaining their support.

Canvassing is THE most important thing you can do to get Bernie elected.  Donations, phone banking and Internet activism are great ways to build this movement. But anyone with experience being involved in political campaigns will tell you that door-to-door canvassing is more persuasive. Hour-for-hour, canvassing brings in far more votes than does phone banking.

Get Started

You can do this by knocking on doors, or by going to a public, high-traffic area with a team. Don’t forget to wear a Bernie shirt and take some flyers! Also, don’t carry a clipboard.

You will find everything you need to know on Field The Bern, an awesome app that makes canvassing easy.  It will tell you what to do, how to approach people, how to engage in conversations, what to focus your conversations on, etc. It also has a handy dandy “issues” tool that explains all of Bernie’s stances. This app has everything!

Make it a Party is the official volunteer hub.  From there you can:

Join a volunteer organization event in your neighborhood
Host your own canvassing event
Find your field office

Flyer Links

Download a Flyer Kit from
Create Flyers for Events Near You HERE
Bernie Brochures

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Bernie Journey



Important primary and caucus elections are coming up — and this being a people-powered campaign, we need as many people as possible to vote in order for Bernie to win!

In the final days and weeks before each primary contest, volunteers in surrounding states will go on a “Bernie Journey” to register voters and go door-to-door to ensure people turn out to vote and help put Bernie over the top.

Sign up and an organizer will be in touch within a few days to go over the details.

Thanks so much for helping to build this movement where you’re needed most and doing what makes the greatest impact! We couldn’t do it without you!


Get free accommodations with BernieBNB. Believe it or not, there are generous Bernie fans that offer temporary housing to host canvassers!


GoToBus Want to help but discouraged by the cost of plane/train travel? If you live on the east or west coast, you may be familiar with the concept of Chinatown busses. Often for around $30, you get quick bus transportation between major cities. Most of these busses even have WiFi and power outlets now. They serve many routes, and again, they are very cheap.

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