Bernie – he can’t be bought by them because he’s funded by YOU

The United States, in theory, is a democratic republic, where the voices of the many are represented by the men and women whom we elect to political office. But, according to a Princeton University study, our government no longer represents most of us. In fact, “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”  Instead, donations strongly predict what policies are implemented, despite politicians’ claims they are not influenced by big lobbyist money.

Bernie, despite having to run as an independent, has rejected the influence of Washington’s legalized bribery across his career.  “I do not have a super PAC, and I do not want a super PAC.”  Getting money out of politics is among his highest priorities because he understands that bribery is our biggest obstacle to progress on any other issue.

Bernie Sanders Comes Clean – he charged a mere $1,867.43 in speaking engagement fees, which he then donated to charity

Mr. Sanders is a far better speaker than those numbers indicate, as his weekly talk radio conversation, “Brunch With Bernie,” has shown. He has delighted leftist political junkies for the past decade with his iconoclastic broadsides. But the senator doesn’t milk his signature New England contrariness for money.

Inside the Horror Show That Is Congress

Bernie crawled through a river of filth and came out clean. This is a must read article on the shockingly callous behavior of congress. Despite this horror show, in which even decent politicians eventually relent and become corrupted, he continued to fight for the right thing every day, against overwhelming opposition, to accomplish an impeccable record of progressive legislation that has helped Americans. He never gave in to the temptation of big money despite having to run against republican AND democratic opponents in his early elections. This particular article is not about his successes, but establishes just how hard he fought. These are a few of the amendments he could not get through congress. There were many he did, as you can see on the accomplishments page.

Bernie did an 8 1/2 hour filibuster for a bill that cut cut taxes for the rich. Despite proliferation of the ‘fake’ filibuster in recent congresses, this was the first true filibuster – a marathon speech – since 1992.

Bernie organized a bus trip to takeBernie did an 8 1/2 hour filibuster for a bill that cut cut taxes for the rich. Despite proliferation of the ‘fake’ filibuster recently, this was the first true filibuster – a marathon speech – since 1992. a group of patients to Canada to buy their prescription drugs for 90% off their US price

In protest of congress’ hypocrisy, Bernie Sanders organized a bus trip, the first of its kind, to drive a group of mostly Vermonter women one and a half hours to Montreal to buy Tamoxifen, a prescription breast-cancer drug.  At the time it cost 10 times as much in the US than Canada.

He asked an astute question: If congress praises free trade and allows corporations to send jobs overseas for cheap labor, then why won’t it allow free trade to lower the price of prescription drugs?

“But I am always amazed that on the floor of congress, when it comes to representing the interests of multi-national corporations, how people are always talking about how great unfettered, free trade is. Well, it’s not a problem. American workers thrown out on the street. Companies in China pay people 30 cents an hour. That’s okay. That’s part of globalization. Well, why is it not part of globalization, that prescription drug distributors, that pharmacists, can pick up FDA-safety approved medicine at a fraction of the price they’re currently forced to pay, and lower the cost of prescription drugs in this country very very substantially?”

Police Chief: Bernie Is the First Candidate to Ever Offer and Pay Police Overtime – Vets For Bernie
Image: Bernie pays his way

When Presidential candidates come to town, local police departments spring into action to ensure not only that candidate’s safety, but the safety of the public and everyone involved. Substantial time and resources are spent planning and executing such events, which if not reimbursed by the campaigns, must be covered by local taxpayers.

“I think a lot of people just assume that those costs are being reimbursed, and they aren’t. I am happy to report that Bernie Sanders paid. He actually asked up front how much, and he paid those costs, which makes him the first candidate to do so in my 23 years [of law enforcement in Iowa].” – Marshalltown, IA Police Chief Mike Tupper

For 10 years during the 1980s, Bernie Sanders served as the Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. It is no surprise then to see his campaign show an understanding and respect for the challenges faced by municipalities and local police departments.